Money as spiritual power

12 ● June ● 2008

Attached to this blog entry is a work in progress – currently called “Money and Christ”.

Open and Libre Office Freedom lovers click here.

Microsoft Word economic slaves click here.

This paper is a tirade against “Stewardship” – the false domestication of one of the great Gods of this world – Money.

We can not avoid Money – particularly in a modern urban environment – it is an absolute necessity. But money is also a spiritual power and a competitor to God in the minds of men. The counsel of the Pharisees was the doctrine of “Corban” – similar to “stewardship”. The counsel of Jesus is much more interesting and daring…..

Since this is a work in progress I would welcome criticism and suggestions for improvement.


2 Responses to “Money as spiritual power”

  1. gbentex Says:

    Am Gbentex please tell me true story about money i will be waiting for your reply…………. THANKS

  2. Semper Says:

    Hi, did you click on one of the links in the text? This should allow you to download the whole article.

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